Thank you for visiting our Fairfax Estate Sales & ThriftFrog Valet website.

You may have already started clearing the clutter and run out of steam. Maybe just don’t know where to start. We understand.

Whatever brought you to this situation, it is stressful by itself – dealing with the extra burden of sorting through a home full of memories can be even more worrisome.

Services we provide:

  • Professional estate, tag, liquidation, moving, PCS and living estate (downsizing) sales.
  • Packing, moving, hauling and junk removal services.
  • Total home & storage unit clear out.
  • Charitable donation sorting, packing & delivery.
  • Senior relocation & Senior move management.
  • Online auctions & sales.

Need a private sale or want confidentiality? We’ve got you covered!

Our team specializes in all things to assist you with transitioning to your new living situation. We take care of everything from executive homes and luxury listings to teardowns and foreclosures. 

Give us a call or email us to discuss your specific needs. We tailor our services to fit your timeline & budget.

“Don’t keep holding on to things you don’t need!”

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