Home Clear Out

Total Home Clear Out is a service that removes all items from the home or storage unit for the owner.

This option is used by our Realtor partners and families needing to have a home cleared out quickly to be listed for sale.

Owner has minimum engagment in this process and is delivered an empty home, tax deductible receipts and/or an auction itemized list, if applicable. You can hand us the keys and we do the rest!

The experienced team from ThriftFrog Valet will sort, pack and deliver items to selected charities and/or our auction house partners.

You can also have this service added at the end of your estate sale.

All remaining items and trash will be properly recycled and/or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Fees for this service depend on the size of the home or storage unit, work conditions and the amount of accumulation.


This is the most stress-free solution for an owner needing to clear out a home full of items in the shortest amount of time.