Senior Relocation Services

Senior Relocation

At Fairfax Estate Sales TFV we help older adults and their families with the emotional and physical stress of downsizing, moving to assisted living and/or ``aging in place.``

Sometimes adult children are not able to help with the moving process for their folks due to distance, career and family obligations.

At Fairfax Estate Sales TFV we help coordinate sorting, packing, moving and setting up your loved ones in their new living situation.

It’s never too early to start the process of Senior Relocation, we can help you get started.

We also provide services to store your hardcopy photos, documents, videos, movies and slides into a digital format. Keep the memories cut down on the clutter!

At Fairfax Estate Sales TFV we take the time needed to support and assist our elderly clients with sorting through their belongings.

Parting with personal possessions can be emotionally and physically tiring. We usually have our clients take breaks & sit while we do the work for them.

Our staff is attentive and considerate of our clients feelings while staying focused. We do our best to rehome and recycle as much as we can to new forever homes.


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