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Need help sorting through this??

Yes, we do that too!

Fairfax Estates Sales Home Organization Services Sorting
Fairfax Estates Sales Home Organization Services Sorting

“I Love Mess!” – Marie Kondo

We love messes too and love to help you work through yours.

Our goal is to help those whose possessions have cluttered their homes & lives to achieve a liveable, breathable space.

A ThriftFrog Valet will help you sort through your household items, organize, donate and environmentally dispose of unwanted possessions.

This DC client travels frequently and was coming home to stacks of junk mail, packages and important documents tossed in. The client wanted to sort through all of it and recycle the unwanted items, but just didn’t have the time to do it.

Now, packages are brought inside and placed in a neat pile — so it does not appear the client isn’t home. The overstuffed mailbox is emptied and sorted. Junk mail is removed and placed in the recycle bins.

We do a few more tasks for the client as well when needed (drop off/pickup dry cleaning, pack & ship packages and we even walk the dog!).

A ThriftFrog Valet will sort, organize and recycle your mail when you don’t have time. We even have home cleaners, movers and minor repair people on hand to fix things around your house.

Don’t have time to put together that item you just purchased? We do that too. We provide experienced people to help you with all things HOME when you need it. – That’s where the VALET part comes in!

We are happy to help you get organized, downsize and clear the clutter!

Fairfax Estates Sales Home Organization Services Sorting

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