Our team works very, very hard to bring you a great experience at each estate sale.

We are former military, government employees, business owners, theater production directors, Public Relations experts, retirees, teachers, college students, working moms and part of your community.

When you attend a Fairfax Estate Sales TFV sale, we want you to have a great experience and get a fantastic deal. We ask you, in return, to respect our Clients’ homes, our time, our expertise and our decisions either to help you load your purchases or not. We provide customers several delivery & pickup options such as @Bungii, if needed.

Please refrain from trying to barge into a home ahead of sale time, trying to shop for 30+ minutes after we have closed, entering ‘Off-limits’ areas and other things that are just plain rude. These behaviors will get you banned from future sales. This is just a reminder for the VERY FEW people who may have forgotten estate sale etiquette.

Thank you to the 98% who are simply marvelous! We really appreciate you shopping local/small, reducing/reusing/recycling & having common courtesy. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Staying on-site during property removal may be difficult for some clients.

Many of our clients have lived in their homes for 20+ years and have accumulated many items over the years. When it comes time to hire a company to clear out a home, you may be overwhelmed by how much time you’ve already spent clearing items – knowing there is still much more to do.

Our team works efficiently and quickly to clear out an entire home. We normally ask that the client is not on-site for the clear out, but sometimes a client wishes to stay and watch.

The process of watching people taking art down from your walls, boxing up dishes that have been in your family for generations, and emptying closets of your old clothes may be stressful. It is also very emotional for some people. This may be a time when you may want to stop the moveout process to cherish the item one last time or maybe tell the team how you acquired the item.

Our team understands your attachment to your things and want to put you at ease – we also are very mindful of your time and try to work as quickly as possible to clear out your home in the most efficient manner possible.


Be aware that when the client stays on-site and asks the team to halt operations this may add extra time to your estimated total work. We’ve had clear outs last 2 weeks that were only estimated for 2 days because items were pulled off the truck, unpacked and then repacked.

Be assured when we pack up your home you will receive tax deductible receipts for all items donated and an inventory of your items you’ve decided to send to auction. You should also take photos of your belongings before the clear out begins so you know exactly what has left your home. This will ease your mind and allow you to step out of the home every now and then when you want to.

CLEARLY label items you are not removing from the property.

This is very important step. Once we begin to clear out the home, the team has been instructed to remove all items from the premises. We have been hired to tear down shelving, remove appliances and completely empty storage units. If an item you want to keep is not marked, we have no way of knowing you do not want it removed from the property.


A good way to do this is by placing tape on items that have clearly marked ‘Leave‘ or ‘For Family‘ marked on them. We will bring blue painter’s tape and markers and will conduct a walk-thru with you to label these items.

You can also set aside a room or closet and mark it ‘Off-limits.’ This will ensure the team does not disturb any items you definitely want to keep.

We ask that you don’t schedule other services while we are conducting the clear out.

You may be at the tail end of getting your home ready for the market. You have quite a bit to get accomplished in a short amount of time. When you schedule a home clear out, just be mindful that our team is working quickly and will be going in and out of the home.

  • Schedule painting for after the clear out is finished. This will save you many headaches.
  • Try not to schedule other contractors to perform work while our team is on-site. We are not responsible for other workers going in and out of your property.
  • If you must have other companies on-site please inform the manager on duty or team lead so they know who is to enter the home and where they will be located.

We hope these tips help you to prepare for your home clear out.

Here’s useful information from #TheMinimalists. This should help you get started.

Actually the title of their blog post is much softer “Letting Go of Sentimental Items.” However, they do say sometimes it is best to just rip off the Band-aid.

The Minimalists – Getting rid of sentimental things.

If you want to get started and it’s just too overwhelming, we can help. We KNOW the feeling. It takes time, but you can do it! It took years to build that collection and it will take time to reduce it.

Just give us a call — (703) 609-3535.

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“If your family doesn’t want your stuff when you’re alive, they sure won’t want it when you’re dead.”

The Washington Post – ‘Death Cleaning’

It will save your family hours and hours of sorting through your things after you’ve passed. Speaking from experience, it is no fun sorting through years of items that will eventually be tossed. Do your family a favor and #CleartheClutter!

It’s time to write a more few tips about attending a sale, hiring a company, and OTHER.

Do not show up to the house after the sale has ended.

We give plenty of time to purchase items prior to and during the sale. It may be alright to call the company to ask status of items, but to show up to a private home days after the event – uninvited – is trespassing.

It’s that serious. Just don’t do it. Trying to find that Analee doll you missed during the sale is not worth being arrested.

If you find yourself at an Estate or Tag sale, bring cash or a form of payment.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes people will come to a sale, find something they really want and have to leave to get cash. Upon returning, a time later, they are surprised their desired item is gone.

If you see something, buy that something. It caught your eye, you picked it up, you are interested in it. Don’t put it down and walk away and ponder too long — it may not be there when you finally make up your mind.

Do not hide the items.

If you find something and don’t have the money for it, do not try to hide it so no one else buys it. Once the team finds the hidden item we may be very unhappy with you.

Be upfront and let us know you are interested in an item, will be back with funds and leave a credit card number so we can hold it. If not, you may just have learned a lesson for the next sale you attend.

We also check boxes at purchase to make sure you have the item that is represented on the box. Also, to make sure nothing else accidentally ended up in the box with the item you want to purchase.

So, do not try to put additional items in a box hoping to only pay for one thing. Our company and Clients have the right to prosecute for stealing. Don’t be that guy.

If you have a phone or computer use it to hold desired items.

If the item is rare or collectible and you see it in a picture for a sale — if you want to purchase — it’s best to call and reserve it. These items sell fast; usually online and via email.

Not only are people watching the sales in the DMV area, we also get calls from buyers across the country. Be proactive if you see that missing vintage train pictured and need it for your collection.

“No one called me back or returned my email.”

It’s not you. It’s us. Really.

This happens. Especially now that homes are going back on the market. We are receiving so many calls that sometimes we may forget to return one or get busy while trying to respond to your email. We also have a shop so clients and customers stop by to purchase items. Try again. We are not ignoring you.

In the meantime, stop by a sale. See how it’s being run. Meet some of the people working for the company. Talk to the owner, if present, or the manager on duty. Find the company’s office hours and stop by their shop.

Hope these few tips will help you have a great estate sale experience!

Thanks for your time and Happy Shopping!!!

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