Online Sign Up for Scottish Terrier lovers estate sale

Sign up for a number to hold your place in line. No need to stop by to get a number. Stay alerted to where you are in line so you don’t need to stand outside. 🙂

Hello… In an effort to keep our buyers safe and save them time, we are using an online signup system for our upcoming sales. 

Just sign-up using your cell phone and you will get a text with a ticket confirming your position in line. 

On sale day, just arrive at the sale and wait in your vehicle until you get a text that it is time to come in. 

If you have a low number, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the sale.  Higher numbers can show up later. 

There will be a status page to let you know where you are at any given time! #Covid #updates #onlinesignup


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