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It’s time to write a more few tips about attending a sale, hiring a company, and OTHER.

Do not show up to the house after the sale has ended.

We give plenty of time to purchase items prior to and during the sale. It may be alright to call the company to ask status of items, but to show up to a private home days after the event – uninvited – is trespassing.

It’s that serious. Just don’t do it. Trying to find that Analee doll you missed during the sale is not worth being arrested.

If you find yourself at an Estate or Tag sale, bring cash or a form of payment.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes people will come to a sale, find something they really want and have to leave to get cash. Upon returning, a time later, they are surprised their desired item is gone.

If you see something, buy that something. It caught your eye, you picked it up, you are interested in it. Don’t put it down and walk away and ponder too long — it may not be there when you finally make up your mind.

Do not hide the items.

If you find something and don’t have the money for it, do not try to hide it so no one else buys it. Once the team finds the hidden item we may be very unhappy with you.

Be upfront and let us know you are interested in an item, will be back with funds and leave a credit card number so we can hold it. If not, you may just have learned a lesson for the next sale you attend.

We also check boxes at purchase to make sure you have the item that is represented on the box. Also, to make sure nothing else accidentally ended up in the box with the item you want to purchase.

So, do not try to put additional items in a box hoping to only pay for one thing. Our company and Clients have the right to prosecute for stealing. Don’t be that guy.

If you have a phone or computer use it to hold desired items.

If the item is rare or collectible and you see it in a picture for a sale — if you want to purchase — it’s best to call and reserve it. These items sell fast; usually online and via email.

Not only are people watching the sales in the DMV area, we also get calls from buyers across the country. Be proactive if you see that missing vintage train pictured and need it for your collection.

“No one called me back or returned my email.”

It’s not you. It’s us. Really.

This happens. Especially now that homes are going back on the market. We are receiving so many calls that sometimes we may forget to return one or get busy while trying to respond to your email. We also have a shop so clients and customers stop by to purchase items. Try again. We are not ignoring you.

In the meantime, stop by a sale. See how it’s being run. Meet some of the people working for the company. Talk to the owner, if present, or the manager on duty. Find the company’s office hours and stop by their shop.

Hope these few tips will help you have a great estate sale experience!

Thanks for your time and Happy Shopping!!!

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