Home Organization: Unpack, Setup & Sort

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The Situation: The priority was to setup the client’s office so she could get back to work after completing a stressful move. This was a 1-person, 1 room unpack & setup.

This job took 4 hours to complete because the small room was stacked with very large boxes misplaced in the room by movers. The small room was also packed with overstuffed, large boxes that were full of very small items (picture frames, DVDs, CDs, small figurines, knick-knacks, odds and ends, and many office supplies).

The client could not lift the boxes because they were too heavy and was just overwhelmed by getting started on the project.

What We Accomplished: By request, we removed the incorrectly placed boxes from the room and placed them in the correct rooms, to stage them for easy unpacking later.

We emptied the correct boxes, sorted through the items with the client (to decide what to keep or donate or sell), removed the unwanted items from the home, removed empty boxes and packing material, along with trash, and delivered to the recycling and refuse areas.

Client was able to return to telework that evening.

Do you need help uncluttering or setting up a room in your home?

Our rates are very affordable and are determined by the size of the job, amount of items located in the space(s), size of the room(s), and the estimated number of people needed to complete the task.

Give us a call for your FREE consultation. (703)-609-3535


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